Kazakhstan and Israel: quarter century cooperation

Kazakhstan and Israel: quarter century cooperation

Kazakhstan and Israel mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. The two countries have demonstrated not only the economic growth but also acquired the status of friendly countries. According to the Israeli Ambassador to Kazakhstan, their country always supports Kazakhstan’s global initiatives. In particular, the diplomat expressed confidence that the upcoming exhibition EXPO 2017 will increase Kazakhstan’s attractiveness among Israeli tourists and businessmen.


We have very big plans, including those associated with the EXPO. We are preparing a very interesting exhibition as part of the EXPO on June 29, like any other country, – a national day, the Day of Israel, there will be a very interesting program.

Kazakhstan and Israel have close cultural ties. Astana has recently hosted an evening in memory of the Holocaust victims, which, according to the resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly, is celebrated annually in the end of January. The renowned Israeli conductor Benjamin Yusupov arrived in Astana to commemorate the victims of the terrible tragedy. The Eurasian Student Symphonic Orchestra performed the famous works of Barber, Shostakovich and Prokofiev under his direction.


I have lots of friends among Kazakh composers and visit Kazakhstan almost every year. I am happy to see the progress that Kazakhstan has achieved in construction, society, economics and art.