Export capacities grow in Kazakhstan

Export capacities grow in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan exported 5.5 million tons of grain last year. It is almost by 1 million more than in 2015. Meanwhile, the share of flour out of the total volume of exported grain grew up to 36%. If in 2015 local farmers sold over 1 million 700 thousand tons of grain, then in 2016, this indicator made up 2.197 million tons.

Kostanay region is Kazakhstan’s leader in grain exports.  The region exported 60,000 tons of flour products last year. Farmers are expanding production and increasing yield in other parts of Kazakhstan as well. Zhambyl region’s cattle breeders are planning to export meat to Saudi Arabia. A foreign company, Kazakhstan’s Consulate and the Regional Department of Agriculture have already signed a joint agreement. Saudi Arabia is ready to purchase large volumes of meat from Kazakhstan.


There many cattle breeding farms in the region such as Shaushen, Bainur and others. The negotiations are underway. We are preparing 2,000 heads of cattle that meet all the quality standards.

Eastern Kazakhstan farmers are building their export potential. Multi-type testing laboratory will be opened in the region to certify the products according to 12 European standards. The lab will test the quality of meat, honey, sunflower and wheat. It is vital to eliminate the presence of harmful herbicides, antibiotics and GMO products. Experts say, the new laboratory will allow establishing a barrier-free sales of Kazakhsta’s goods to China, the US and Europe.


It is a multi-type laboratory that will conduct multi-function studies, which were previously carried out in the veterinary, quarantine and food laboratories. It will be accredited according to the Chinese standards and will increase export opportunities for local manufacturers.

Last year, East Kazakhstan enterprises exported 2,000 tons of honey and over 60,000 tons of vegetable oil to the Chinese market only.