Kazakhstan participates in BETT show 2017

Kazakhstan participates in BETT show 2017

London has hosted the largest international exhibition of education technologies BETT Show 2017. The annual event brought together more than 500 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors from 138 countries. The event was visited by representatives from Kazakhstan. The 40,000 square meters pavilion will feature the latest technological advances in education. For example, schools, colleges and universities offer conventional boards, which can easily turn into an interactive wall and 3D-glasses that take you to a virtual tour to different countries. Several companies offer 3D-scanners and printers that can copy or print any item required for presentation in schools.


First of all and very simple one is you can make basic items for your class, for your needs to the lesson like biology, skeletons like models of items for physics or chemistry or whatever you want. Second, I think, it’s using some kind of technology that causes fun for children and they would be attracted to use it to learn something.

BETT Show is also a global platform where professionals share new teaching methods with their colleagues. Teachers and businessmen from Kyzylorda, Aktobe, Mangystau and other regions came to learn about innovations at the exhibition.


We must prepare children for their future professional life in a completely different environment, where new life principles may apply and new skills may be in demand, one of which is Stem education, when every child should be able to use modern technology, be able to build robots. Most importantly, we should develop engineering thinking skills among school students. This cannot be done without new technologies.

Organizers say their mission is to bring people and ideas, practices and technologies together so in the future teachers and students could utilize their potential in real developments.