Commemoration event for Kazakh writer Ashirbek Sygai

Commemoration event for Kazakh writer Ashirbek Sygai

Commemorative event held in memory of the famous Kazakh writer and theater critic Ashirbek Sygai in the State Archive of Almaty. This year he would have turned 70 years old.

A bright person, a talented writer and playwright, a frank theater critic has left behind rich legacy. There are hundreds of articles and dozens of books. Each of them contains a detailed professional analysis of the theaters. He never showed negative criticism, people who worked with art critic say. He estimated the creative team intelligently and tactfully.


Actor is like crystal. He is a very fragile creature. It is easy to break him. It is easy to offend. It is not necessary to be a critic to hurt him with any careless word. But it's easy to comfort him. A good word is capable to exalt him, to inspire. And we get a talented performance.

Ashirbek Sygai kept saying that in order to be a critic, it is necessary to have a remarkable intellect and to be a talented actor and director in the soul. But he spoke modestly about himself and always did his job with honor.


But his only phrase “you are classic” exalted us. It was the highest evaluation for us. For us, it was like to receive a gold star.

Ashirbek Sygai himself once passed these manuscripts to the State Archives. Archive staff printed some phrases, aphorisms in photo frames. Reading them, it’s hard not to agree with him, exhibition participants say. These are the quotes of a wise man.


I’m glad how the documents are stored here. It is clean. There is constant temperature. In this regard, I also decided to pass the photographs, documents on the remaining manuscripts, posters of plays, which he translated.

The exhibition occupied two floors. And this is only part of Ashirbek Sygai’s works that he had succeeded to do for his short life.