Kazakhstan’s transport and logistics attractiveness

Kazakhstan’s transport and logistics attractiveness

Kazakhstan, given its favorable geographical position, seeks to become a transport and logistics hub of the Central Asia. The development of large-scale air and ground transportation hubs contributes to this. First of all, the government plans to increase the capacity of the country’s airports. Last year alone, Kazakhstan’s airports served 12 million people. 70% of it accounts for Almaty and Astana. With the commissioning of one more terminal in Astana, the passenger traffic will increase to almost 8,5 million passengers per year. Its opening is expected by summer. Astana Airport will be able to serve 12 domestic and international destinations. Thus, the air harbor of Astana will take over most of the passengers flow and the airport will become the largest in Central Asia. The new terminal, with the area of ​​47,000 square meters, will be located in the VIP-zone with offices, computers, a buffet restaurant, showers and a sauna. But in addition to the comfortable conditions, great attention is paid to safety.


Specially ordered luggage equipment is installed here. It meets all safety parameters. Goods that are suspicious are automatically ejected by the machine.

Launch of new international routes at the Astana airport is well underway, thereby increasing Kazakhstan’s tourist attractiveness. Four times a week the planes will fly to Poland, twice a week to Finland and three times to Beijing. Moreover, in March, the talks with Japan are planned to be held to increase direct flights to Astana. 250 million passengers fly every year from China to Europe and back, and Astana has an ideal position for docking halfway. The growth of passengers will also be secured by the Expo 2017 in Astana.

A new railway station will open in Astana ahead of the international exhibition. The project has no analogues in the world. The construction is impressive. The trains will arrive on the third floor of the new station with the help of a pass-over. This will help leave the surrounding streets uninterrupted. So the passengers will travel above the city and will be able to admire Astana sights through the panoramic windows. The most modern materials and green technologies are used in the construction of the station. During the Expo, the railway station will be able to serve 35,000 passengers daily.


Railway overpass is almost like a bridge over the Volga River. It is longer than 2.5 km. It starts from Karaganda highway and is at the level of the third floor of the station building. It is a kind of know-how, which presently became widespread in the world. The platform and train tracks are situated just inside the station.

The new complex will be an important facility of transport infrastructure and will ensure access of Kazakhstan’s railway to qualitatively new level in the organization of international transport corridors through the main hub in Astana. According to experts, taking full advantage of the transport and logistics potential of the country will allow developing the new Silk Road connecting with Europe, Asia and the Middle East via Kazakhstan.