Kazakh producers increase exports

Kazakh producers increase exports

Kazakhstan’s batteries manufacturing company increases export volumes. The Almaty region’s largest plant has entered the markets of Eastern Asia and Europe in a quite short period of time after its renovation. The company exports 70% of its products now. This year, the company started manufacturing stationary industrial batteries for the needs of railways and communications.


We are aimed to use the entire Kazakhstani lead for manufacturing of batteries. This is 8.5 million batteries and 100,000 tons of lead. Even if we will manufacture one million batteries per year, it will take 6 years, but we hope that this task will be accomplished.

In addition, the plant began exporting batteries to Africa. The first batch was exported one month ago. Consumers appreciated the quality of the Kazakh products. At present the company aims to strengthen its presence in South and North Africa. Kazakhstani batteries are supplied to the CIS countries, China and Afghanistan. The products fully meet all the international requirements. The plant’s production capacity is increasing. Experts say, if  the last year’s output was 2 million batteries, then this year’s production may grow up to 3 million units.


at present, we are arranging monthly shipments with our partner due to the increase in production. We want to cover as many African cities as possible.