Kazakhstan’s tourism potential

Kazakhstan’s tourism potential

British experts in the tourism industry are willing to tell the potential European tourists about Kazakhstan, the Kazakh national culture and traditions. At the same time, they highly appreciate Kazakhstan’s tourism potential. According to experts, the country will become especially attractive this year, during the Expo 2017. According to the adviser of Tourism, George Smith, the exhibition is a unique opportunity to present Kazakhstan to the world. He often lectures on tourism in a Kazakh universities.


The country is such a diverse country. You can offer so many types of tourism. The country which never seen mass tourism, but that is not what Kazakhstan needs, but your culture, your heritage.

Italian traveler Francesco Cucque is planning to visit Kazakhstan. He is mostly interested in the musical instruments. He plays the guitar. Recently, he discovered Kazakh kobyz. Cucque found very many characteristics similar to other stringed bowed instruments – a violin. This is not surprising. After all, along with the Arab rebab, Spanish vielle and British crowth, Kazakh kobyz is considered one of the predecessors of the violin. It is known that from composition of these instruments violin was appeared, in Italian violino.


This is very interesting, because there are rules of our culture inside. The rules of modern violin inside this.

In order to attract more tourists it is necessary to have strong ties with European and Western tour operators, who have huge experience, experts say. These links can be very useful for the development of sustainable tourism, after the Expo international exhibition in Astana.