Kazakh film industry gains momentum

Kazakh film industry gains momentum

The domestic film industry has reached a new level of development. More and more films produced in Kazakhstan are commercially successful, as their popularity grows in domestic and foreign markets. According to the relevant agencies, the “Panfilov’s Twenty-Eight Guardsmen” film leads in the Kazakh and foreign film distribution. Due to growing interest of the audience, the film has broken all standard screening terms and has been shown in cinemas for almost a month. Box office in Kazakhstan has amounted to 61.3 million tenge, while in Russia the film has grossed 361 million rubles. Universal Studios has bought the rights to screen the film. The film has been shown in Europe and Canada, and soon will be welcomed by viewers in Japan, Korea, the UK and France. The top five films of the nationwide film distribution also includes the fifth film of the “Leader’s Path” epic - “So was the alignment of the stars” by director Sergey Snezhkin and the film by Akan Satayev “Road to a Mother”. According to critics, these films will undoubtedly take their rightful places among the most successful films of the domestic cinema.


We have an opportunity to shoot such large-scale epic films as “Myn Bala”, “Road to a Mother”. Currently, the film “Diamond Sword” directed by my colleague Rustem Abdrashev was shown in cinemas. These films, of course, require large financial expenses, but sometimes it happens that the ideology is priceless. These movies convey patriotism; restore our history, talks about our ancestors.

Large-scale international distribution of the film “Amre” is expected this year. The film was made with participation of Hollywood producer Cary Grant and the Oscar winner Ed Jones. The film tells about the bright life of the Kazakh tenor Amre Kashaubayev, who had introduced the Kazakh vocal performance art to the European public. Today, almost every Kazakh film is screened at film festivals. Film “Amanat” about the life of the outstanding scientist and historian Ermukhan Bekmakhanov and the film “Kunanbay” about the great Kazakh thinker Abay will soon be presented at the 9th International Film Festival MENAR in Bulgaria. More breakthrough premieres are expected this year.


Now in fact, we have a large number of films in production - more than 40 of them are financed from private sources, and the others - from the republican budget. But it is quite a large volume of films. This means that we have a lot of new filmmakers; yesterday’s students are now making new films. It seems to me that the increase in film production volume will lead to breakthroughs.

According to the official data, today in Kazakhstan there are 35 film manufacturers. In a year, they produce more than 250 works, including television and private projects. Annual fees of domestic cinema account for about 10 billion tenge. By the way, presently, 93 cinemas and 247 cinema halls operate in the country, but their number will only increase.


If we consider the film market of the CIS countries, we will have about 300 cinemas before the end of this year. The Central Asia, the Caucasus has not come close to that amount of movie theatres.

Critics claim, during the years of independence, Kazakhstan’s cinema has become more competitive and popular among the spectators. In many cases, the success is due to high quality, stable presence at the box office, as well as various film festivals and special screenings, which are organized at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture.