Preparation for Universiade 2017

Preparation for Universiade 2017

The Secretary General of the International University Sports Federation FISU Eric Saintrond has arrived in Almaty. His main mission is to personally check that everything is ready for the Universiade.


You know it is very difficult to organize winter games, because it is complicated to manage, you have to build well conditions. I have been appointed to manage in 2007, it is already ten years now. Before that I have been general director of FISU and before that I’ve been director of winter games.

The appearance of the Universiade participants is also important. Designers of the special wear have tried to make unique uniforms for the volunteers, organizers and members of the security forces. They’ve chosen bright and warm colors and adorned the uniforms with traditional ornaments. The headdresses are the highlight of the outerwear.


Malahai is made of artificial fur similar to the fox fur. On the back there is an emblem of the Expo. The fabric is waterproof and windproof.

The 28th World Winter Universiade will be held in Almaty between January 29 and February 8. It will be attended by more than 2,000 athletes from 56 countries aged between 17 to 28 years.