China invests in Kazakhstan’s agriculture

China invests in Kazakhstan’s agriculture

This year, domestic farmers may have large investments from China; develop the production and enter1.5 billion market of the strategic neighbor. Experts of the Chinese business consulting company and representatives of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs discussed the attractiveness of the Kazakh projects at a meeting in Almaty. Discussions on opening greenhouses in South Kazakhstan region draw great interest. Experts calculated how much harvest can be collected, forecasting nearly $62 million a year. About 1,500 people can get jobs. The project is called “Greenhouse paradise”. Another agro-industrial zone, which will provide fruits, will be called “Intensive orchards”.


Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which is headquartered in Beijing, in 2017, is reviewing 9 projects, totaling $1.7 billion. These projects are primarily focused on the general economic development of the transit potential of China. We want to attract these investments.

China’s interest in Kazakhstan’s agricultural production is caused by its organic qualities, the scientists say. In addition, China is ready to purchase domestic vegetables and meat in large volumes. According to the experts, the Chinese investments for Kazakhstani farmers are the access to 1.5 billion Chinese market.


Kazakhstan is important for China for it’s a large corridor and access to the West. From the Chinese side, the local government, local businessmen show great interest to cooperate with Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is actually a very well-known, attractive country for China.

Currently, the trade turnover between China and Kazakhstan totals $14 billion. Such statistics was provided by the meeting participants. According to experts, with the completion of construction of the transit highway “Western Europe - Western China”, trade turnover may exceed $40 billion.