Guests of EXPO 2017 to visit Tanbaly reserve-museum

Guests of EXPO 2017 to visit Tanbaly reserve-museum

Experts forecast that the Expo international exhibition in Astana will attract no less than 2 million visitors from the CIS countries and abroad. In addition to exploring the cutting-edge energy technologies, tourists will be provided with an extensive cultural program. The list of recommended sites, which consists of Kazakhstan’s 76 unique historical and nature sights, includes also Tanbaly museum-reserve in Almaty region. Thousands of petroglyphs, the oldest of which date back to the 12th century B.C., attract the attention of tourists and scientists for many years. Tanbaly petroglyphs are included in the UNESCO list of cultural heritage.


Every year, we find something important from the petroglyphs. For example, last year we found a person with the wheel in his hands. The light comes from this wheel. The wheel is represented as if it is idolized. Since, the wheel helped during migration and travels.

Scientists from different countries tried to decipher ancient messages of Zhetysu. Their works are systematized and collected in the book “Antiquities of Zhetysu. Archaeological monuments of Zhambyl region”. It will help the tourists to better understand the culture and customs of the ancient civilization.


The book includes previously unpublished works of scientists from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belgium, France and Italy. They will be of interest to all who are interested in history.

There are about 100 historic sites of republican importance in Zhambyl region. All of them are popular among travelers. Tanbaly Museum-Reserve, last year only, was visited by about 3,000 tourists. The museum management expects that during the Expo international exhibition, cave paintings will attract no less than 10,000 tourists.