Kazakhstan may introduce preferences for foreign filmmakers

Kazakhstan may introduce preferences for foreign filmmakers

Kazakhstan plans to create a fund to support domestic cinematography following the example of foreign countries, as well as to attract investors to the industry from across the world. A special economic zone with preferential tax treatment will be established on the territory of Kazakhfilm. In particular, investors will be exempt from paying value-added tax for services and activities related to the film production, distribution and screening. All these provisions can be found in the new draft law “On Cinematography” and the concept of Kazakhstan’s cinema development.


We did sound reordering for one of my films in Luc Besson’s studio in France as part of the inter-state agreement. Kazakhfilm paid 50,000 euros for this service, and in a month, 24,000 euros returned to Kazakhstan’s budget, as per certain taxation regulations. If we create the same preferences, our colleagues from France, Italy, Europe and the U.S. will come to Kazakhstan.  

According to the developers, the preferences will promote partnership with foreign filmmakers. This will ensure a steady flow of foreign investments. At present, Kazakhstan already has a successful experience of cooperation with foreign filmmakers. Each joint work implies not only investments, but also maintaining awareness of the latest trends in cinematography.


I was the producer of Marco Polo film series in 2014. We filmed it in Kazakhstan. The film was screened on Netflix. This project opened great opportunities for Kazakhstan, because Kazakh cinema workers improved their skills. We consider it as an investment. They spent about $4 million in Kazakhstan.

Filmmakers believe the planned amendments will open new markets to Kazakhstan’s filmmakers to. For example, experts consider the film market of the neighboring China as very promising for Kazakhstan. It is possible that there will be many joint projects in the foreign box office. And foreign audience will learn more about Kazakhstan’s rich history, its achievements and heroes.