More than 300 new Kazakh brands presented at Samgau contest

More than 300 new Kazakh brands presented at Samgau contest

Over 300 new Kazakhstani brands were presented at Samgau contest. Winners from regions of the creative contest on the best coverage of Kazakhstani goods “Halyk Markasy” were awarded in Astana. 12 best correspondents were selected out of nearly 200 from across Kazakhstan. Now they will become ambassadors of the “Halyk Markasy” in 12 countries around the world, where they will present Kazakhstani products to their colleagues and all interested people. The contest was held among the republican, regional and international media, as well as representatives of online publications. In total, according to the jury, more than 200 works were received during the competition. Kazakh-language journalists and bloggers were particularly active.


Our publications that featured “Halyk Markasy” products were well read by our readers. We made materials from different regions, from Shymkent, Almaty region, Aktobe region. People were excited to know that such goods are produced in our country. After this competition, I felt that our manufacturers are trustworthy, and I think they will be successful. They just need extensive support.

But the main winner will be identified of the contest will continue in March. The award ceremony will take place in Moscow in the Kazakhstani pavilion ahead of Nauryz celebration. Moreover, a new pavilion of Kazakhstani goods will open ahead of Expo in Astana to the delight of Astana residents and visitors.


There will be a three-storey pavilion. It is located on the left bank of Astana not far from the Expo town. It will feature more than 200 kinds of “Made in Kazakhstan” products. The EAEU member states’ pavilions will be on the second floor and a tasting room will be on the third floor, where anyone will be able to enjoy Kazakhstani products, as well as to buy it at a reasonable price.