Arts and games fair celebrates Kazakh traditions

Arts and games fair celebrates Kazakh traditions

Kazakh national competitions are reviving in Kazakhstan. One of the most exciting among them is Zhamby atu. It is an equestrian competition, in which men are tested for agility and combat skills, traditionally, the game attracts great interest.

Zhamby atu is, perhaps, one of the most ancient Kazakh shooting competitions. According to the rules, competitors should unseal a hanging disc with an animal skin on it by riding a galloping horse and shooting an arrow at the same time. There is a time limit. According to the rules, the jury award top marks for speed and accuracy. In ancient times, these competitions were considered as a test for the strength of men. At present, this is just art.


You should control a horse’s speed and place the arrow shaft on the arrow rest at the same time, and finally hit the target. It is not easy to do it while you are galloping. Therefore it is necessary to train yourself to participate in such sort of competitions.


There are world championships in Zhamby Atu held worldwide nowadays. Qualifying competitions are held here to select the best shooters for large-scale championships. We hope that we will be able to select the strongest participants so they could perform well on international arena.

Zhamby atu was included in the list of Kazakh national games two years ago. This made the ancient sports competition more popular not only in Kazakhstan but also in other countries. In addition, cooking contests were held in Southern Kazakhstan. They brought together participants from 20 ethno-cultural associations. Recognized masters of various ethnic groups competed in cooking the Kazakh national dishes. Representatives of each cultural center prepared a lamb following the traditional recipe, laid the table, and welcomed guests who, in return, evaluated their skills.


The Festival is aimed at demonstrating that we know the Kazakh language, respect the Kazakh culture and can cook all types of Kazakh national dishes. For instance, today we cooked ‘zhanbas’ (lamb’s hip), that is what we show.