World’s leading universities ready to recruit Kazakh students

World’s leading universities ready to recruit Kazakh students

Kazakhstan needs skillful professionals. Therefore, it pays particular attention to its education system. More and more Kazakh students are able to receive education abroad. At present, over 12,000 Kazakhstan citizens study in China. Every year, Hong Kong educational bureau allocates hundreds of scholarships for international students, including those from Kazakhstan as part of "One Belt, One Road" initiative.


I received an opportunity to study in this university as part of the ‘One Belt, One Road’ program. There are various scholarships. You can study for free and receive a monthly scholarship or you can pay a half of the tuition fees. I study for free. The university gives a chance to use the results of the recent studies. I want to use the acquired knowledge for the development of Kazakhstan’s aviation industry.

This famous university has leading companies’ scientific-research centers. The University President says that the University is ready to cooperate with Kazakhstani colleagues and the first step in this can be the formation of the joint scientists’ group.


I think in the past three years, we have been successfully recruiting more than 50 students studying at the PolyU at the full time basis.

In addition, yesterday’s Kazakh students have already demonstrated their achievements. A book of the journalist and Bolashak program’s graduate Kanat Auyesbay was presented at the University of Cambridge. The book ‘Looking West: a Kazakh’s View of Great Britain’ was published in Kazakh and English languages. The author describes his experience of living and studying in the United Kingdom. As the Bolashak graduate says, the book will be interesting for both Kazakhs and Britons, who might wish to learn more about the Kazakh culture. 


The book describes some aspects of life in Britain compared to Kazakhstan. There are only 1,000 copies so far, 500 remained in England, and they will be distributed throughout the libraries of the UK universities that teach Bolashak students. I also want to distribute some books to rural libraries in Kazakhstan.