Chinese musicians organized "Happy Spring Festival" in Astana

Chinese musicians organized

Chinese musicians organized "Happy Spring Festival" in Astana. The gala concert was dedicated to the Chinese New Year and the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Kazakhstan and China. The beauty and elegance of the traditional Chinese music was presented by Guangdong Orchestra. Founded in 1949, it is considered one of the leading orchestras in China. For the Kazakh audience, the musicians performed such popular Chinese works as "Dragon Boat Festival", "Pleasant night," and "Village rhythm"


Guangdong music is a specific southern music. It is very soft and beautiful. Our New Year's celebration is a spring festival. So, we want to share the joy of the festive atmosphere together with the Kazakh people.


It is our first time in Kazakhstan and we are very happy to perform here. Our countries were located along the Silk Road and have always been good neighbors. We have established trade relations, but we also want to develop cultural ties. Kazakhstani people were able learn more about Chinese culture through our performance.

"Chunjie" or Spring Festival is the bright traditional holiday in China. According to the Eastern calendar, it is held on January 28th. The concert organizers wished that this year marks a new stage in the development of the Kazakh-Chinese relations, and said they were looking forward to performances of the Kazakh artists in China.