‘Kazakhstan’s Lapland’ located in Akmola region is gaining popularity

‘Kazakhstan’s Lapland’ located in Akmola region is gaining popularity

Children's entertainment complex ‘Kazakhstan’s Lapland’ located in Akmola region is gaining popularity. It appeared 4 years ago near the town of Shchuchinsk. The resort has become popular among both locals and foreign visitors. The wonderful winter resort attracts guests with its picturesque location. Nearly 20,000 people visited the resort during the last two winters.


Mountains, reindeers, huskies – we like everything here, plus the fresh air. There is no need to travel abroad for a vacation when we have such a resort. You can have good time here too.

Another eye-catching attraction is the dog sleds. Blue-eyed huskies Kai, Khan and their well-groomed fellows ride faster to delight the guests. After the ride finishes they let visitors play with them.


I really like the reindeers, huskies and eskimo dogs, and the place itself is so beautiful. The winter resort is awesome; I wish we could have something similar where we live.


I train the dogs to ride children. They entertain the visitors in winter. I have 8 working dogs plus nine puppies. Next year, we will increase their amount.

The resort also has horses. Some visitors prefer to ride in an elegant carriage; others prefer to have a ride a white pony. There is also an ice rink under a tent. Snowmobiles can be rented. There is a Santa Claus’s house, where children can send him a letter with their wishes. Tourists can make a wish in the real chum where a shaman’s tambourine can be heard.