Kazakhstan citizen patents new version of chess

Kazakhstan citizen patents new version of chess

The new version of chess has been presented in Kazakhstan. The development of Aleksander Kochergin from Ust-Kamenogorsk may become the 28th version of the board game. The grandmaster have introduced new figures Prince and Princess on 100 squares grid thereby changing the variations of the game by thousands times. According to Kochergin’s chess version, the King can be removed from the board and replaced by the Prince - heir. Aleksander’s personal life experience inspired him to invent a new version of chess. Grandmaster Kochergin is the 9-time national champion in sports radio direction finding, a sports type that requires skills of orienteering and strategic thinking.


Sports radio direction finding is the type of sport that is played in a diverse terrain. You have only one turn and that’s it. You have to solve 5 tasks with 5 unknowns in 5 minutes.

The grandmaster has already received Kazakhstan’s patent for his invention. The presentations of the new chess variety were held in Greece and Russia. Many sportsmen showed interest in the new type of chess invented by the Kazakh grandmaster.


This type of chess stirred up interest among Russian and foreign grandmasters. Chess strategy was replenished after introduction of new pieces.

Meanwhile, Ust-Kamenogorsk chess players organize competitions on the new type of 100 square chess hoping that the international tournament will be held in the future.