Expedition “Pole of Independence” returns to Kazakhstan

Expedition “Pole of Independence” returns to Kazakhstan

The members of the “Pole of Independence” expedition were welcomed in Almaty. In severe climatic conditions, the expedition participants passed 217 kilometers to the South Pole. On December 16, the group hoisted the banner of the independent Kazakhstan at the Climb Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica. The campaign was held under the auspices of Kazakhstan People’s Assembly and was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. For almost a month, the Kazakh athletes and scientists conducted experiments under extreme conditions and conquered new heights.


The most difficult obstacle was the weather conditions in Antarctica. The temperature ranges from -35 to -40 degrees C. The winds are strong. The first step in Antarctica was frightening. This is the planet’s most unexplored continent. And I believe that we were lucky to be able to go there, climb to the highest peak of Antarctica. We were successful to pass the route. It was difficult, but we did fine.

Along with professional climbers, the Far North was conquered by the nursing staff, scientists who studied the impact of the extreme conditions of the Antarctic climate on human.


Everyone has undergone a special training before the expedition. Magzhan and I trained a bit more and climbed as well because climbing was not easy, there were some places covered with ice only.

According to the expedition participants, they are planning to come back to Antarctica later in order to find new routes and challenge themselves.