Kazakhstan sees growing interest in local products

Kazakhstan sees growing interest in local products

Experts have noted an unprecedented demand for Kazakhstani products. Atyrau region exports meat to Russia and the United Arab Emirates. Recently, the region has concluded a contract for delivery of 2,000 heads of sheep to the Middle Eastern country. Agricultural manufacturers say such market trend is due to the state’s business support measures. The Sybaga program helps the farms to boost production. As a result, livestock population growth has been recorded in Atyrau region. Last year alone, one billion tenge was allocated for the development of animal husbandry in the region. Farmer Amirzhan Kapanov was one of the farmers to have received a loan from the state. After receiving 3 million tenge within the state program, he purchased 120 heads of sheep. Now he has already 200 heads in a flock, and calving continues. Despite the frosts, January and February are the best months for the birth of the lambs, according to the farm employee Serik Zhanbyrov.


The lambs born in winter get sick less than others. They are more viable. By pasture time, they can feed themselves and by the autumn they gain good weight.

According to farmers, the number of sheep is increasing in other farms of the region as well. Their total number in the region today reaches 556,000. This is by quarter more than three years ago, experts say. Considerable recovery and demand are observed in other industries also.

Kazakhstani vegetables and root crops are in high demand in the external markets. In particular, Pavlodar potatoes exported to Uzbekistan. According to the regional farmers, this year, agricultural products are sold quite successfully, especially, taking into account that the record harvest was collected in the region. Only in Aktogay district, ​​one of the largest farms harvested more than 14,000 tons of potatoes. The fourth part of them constitutes the seed fund. 3,000 tons of tubers and other vegetable products - more than 4,500 tons have been already sold. In addition to potatoes, last year, the region succeeded to collect fruitful crop of beets, carrots and other vegetables.


Presently, we sell products at 60-65 tenge per kg. Seed is sold at about 45-50 tenge and this is the second reproduction. Products of the first reproduction are sold in the range of 90 tenge.