Public speaking contest held in Astana

Public speaking contest held in Astana

To deliver an informative and well-bred public speech in English language is the skill one can acquire at a Toastmasters speaking club. These speaking clubs bring together over 400,000 participants internationally. Kazakhstan has six clubs located in Astana, Almaty and Atyrau. The capital club has recently held a public speaking contest.


Many think that Astana Toastmasters club is the place where people sharpen their English language skills. It is true to some extent because our debates are held in English. However, the main goal is to develop public speaking and leadership skills.

Toastmasters club’s meetings are held in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Participants give speeches, and then they answer questions in a Q&A session, followed by a discussion. Native speakers take part in our meetings too.  The club brings together a large number of ambitious young people who understand that being able to keep the conversation going and effectively convey a message are important skills.


We have decided to support the venue on these events because, as I also have said, we value the ability to converse and communicate. We are trying to educate, to increase and improve the ability of people around to communicate with each other and convince.

According to speaking club organizers, speaking just one language is not sufficient in the modern world. Kazakhstan is introducing trilingual education. In this regard, this sort of speaking clubs are useful.