Kazakhstan companies are ready to expand production

Kazakhstan companies are ready to expand production

Kazakhstan companies are ready to expand production. They comply with the international standards to increase export volumes. Ceramic bricks manufacturing plant in Akmola region follows the same principle. Its volume of production made up 168,000 cubic meters in 2016. Its bricks are used for housing construction both in Kazakhstan and Russia.


We manufacture bricks according to the European standard. There are bricks made according to the European, Russian and Ukrainian standards on the market. We are going to compete with them on the market.

Karaganda region is the country’s leader according to the manufacturing output. The production volume here has jumped over 1 trillion tenge as a result of the local enterprises’ smooth operation. The local foundry-engineering plant which manufactures parts and mining equipment is undergoing a large-scale modernization which required 500 extra workers to install 100 new equipment units. Production volume will increase fivefold after the reconstruction, and the assortment will expand to 15,000 types of products. This will let the plant to enter the external markets.


We can offer Iran and China various parts for oil and gas industry, equipment maintenance that will serve all their gas and oil pipes and power plants.

A considerable growth of industrial production was observed in Pavlodar region making up 10% in 2016. Export volumes have increased significantly as well.