Kazakh designers make a splash at Baku fashion fair

Kazakh designers make a splash at Baku fashion fair

Kazakhstan's designers made a splash in the international show of women's clothing. It took place in the capital city of Azerbaijan. Kazakhstan was represented by two young designers - Gulzhan Niyetkabyl and Madina Massakova. Madina is taking her first steps in the sphere, but she is quite recognizable nowadays. The world’s fashion-mongers remember her fashion line by rich embroidery of ornaments with beads and stones. Every detail from the collection of the Kazakh designer is unique and original. The young designer has worked for more than two months and managed to achieve the main goal - to introduce Kazakh national clothes in a modern interpretation.


Every designer has his or her own style. Our product is not entirely national. It’s a mix, mainly modern but with national motifs. For example, you can see ornaments and beads on our accessories, earrings and handbags; this is from Kazakh traditions.

The festival where Madina presented her original collection was dedicated to the history of fashion. Organizers called it "From tradition to modernity" and gathered young fashion designer from 4 countries: Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. Each of the show combined the national motifs and designs of the peoples of the Turkic world. Moreover, Kazakhstan fashion designers became co-organizers of the event.


It was a very interesting festival which was held for the first time in Baku. First of all, it aims to revive the culture of a nation, secondly, to amaze young generation with combination of rich cultural heritage and contemporary design. There is a national motif in this collection, there is modernity and culture. My mission is to bring new young designers and their creations to light.

Khanum Aydash is determined to her mission. She organizes her own fashion festival ‘San men Sakhna’ that became a launch pad for more than 40 young couturier. She also opened a fashion room featuring exclusive clothing of young Kazakh designers. Each cloth from collections is special for her. According Khanum Aydash, Kazakhstani designers create really high quality and luxury items nowadays.