The Magic of Nomads performs in Astana

The Magic of Nomads performs in Astana

A unique band The Magic оf Nomads gave a concert in Astana featuring inimitable combination of modern music and the Kazakh ethnic rhythms. Kazakhstan’s project consisting of virtuoso Kazakh musicians organized a concert ‘Menin Kazakstanym’ (My Kazakhstan). «The Magic of Nomads» can be described as a symbiosis of ethnic, academic and contemporary music. Soloists play ancient national instruments. The author and inspirer of the project is Gaziza Gabdrakhimova. She performs her main parts on kobyz.

Among those who stood at the origins of «The Magic of Nomads» is the famous Kazakh musician Edil Khussainov. As a guest, together with the team, he played his own compositions. Edil Khussainov is famous as a one-man band, he masterfully plays nearly ten musical instruments. He owns a few hundred years old musical instruments. For example, this sazsyrnay was found during excavations of ancient Otrar. According to Edil Khussainov, ‘The Magic of Nomads’ success is based on a harmonious combination of absolute opposites.


There is a key – the ethno music that helps to understand Kazakh kuys or Kazakh songs through the rhythms of rock and the harmony of jazz music. When all these intertwines and they hear Kazakh melody - that is the moment when something new is created which is really impresses the foreign and Kazakh audience.

The Magic of Nomads performed folk songs and original works accompanied by the symphonic orchestra "Astana" by Alexander Ablayev. Such a tandem gave the concert singularity and originality and let the audience to fully enjoy all the grandeur of the unique music.


Today’s concert was breathtaking. It was the highest-level performance! This is one of the most outstanding music concerts on Kazakhstan’s stage.