Kazakh producers build export capacities

Kazakh producers build export capacities

Kazakh companies are increasing export volumes. A large batteries manufacturing plant in Almaty region has expanded production. Upgraded as part of the industrialization program, the company has entered the Chinese and European markets in a relatively short period of time. At present, the plant manufactures more than 2 million batteries annually, 70% of the products is exported. This year, the plant also launched the production of industrial stationary batteries for railways and communications sectors.  


Our goal is to use all Kazakhstani lead for production of batteries – that is 8.5 million batteries and 100,000 tons of lead. It will take 6 years even if we manufacture 1 million batteries per year, we hope that this aim will be achieved soon.

Meanwhile, a plant manufacturing non-ferrous metal coils for restoration of generators has been launched in Shymkent. 75 million tenge has been allocated to launch the project in the industrial area. The plant will provide a full range of repair services for electric motors, transformers and high-voltage generators. In addition, the plant will produce a wrapper for the reinforcement steel, for the rectangular wire, copper and aluminum billets. The plant is ready to receive orders for equipment repair from large industrial enterprises of industrial zones, such as Kyzylorda and Zhambyl plants. The plant’s manufacturing capacity is 12,000 tons of metal per year.


That is, for instance, we manufacture the isolation wire for the 315 kilowatt power unit here. This power unit will last for 10 years in case of standard power load.

In addition, professional radio communication devices will be manufactured in Kazakhstan. An agreement on technology transfer for their production has been already signed between Kazakhstani enterprise KAE and the Turkish company ASELSAN. As the National Company "Kazakhstan Engineering" notes, the project is crucial for information security improvement. It contributes to the production diversification and the development of the local content. The manufactured radio communications will be used to provide an efficient and secure communication of government agencies and the armed forces. The first issue of the radio stations is planned for the beginning of this year.


The plant’s capacity is sufficient to fully meet the demand of all Kazakhstan’s defense agencies. These radio stations will help to transfer information in a secure way and thus will ensure the safety of law enforcement agencies’ confidential information.