Kostanay plant manufactures construction materials

Kostanay plant manufactures construction materials

Kostanay plant expands production of reinforced-concrete materials. This year the company plans to increase production fivefold and supply Kazakhstani market with up to 50,000 square meters of the building materials. The project was implemented as part of the Industrial-Innovative Development Program within short period of time. Workshop premises have been commissioned within less than two years, and the first batch of concrete products has been released and immediately carved out a niche in the market. The main secret of success is the quality which is maintained at every manufacturing stage, the company says.


This binder connects the two plates. The process is very complicated and crucial. However, each manufacturing stage is important. The main target is the good quality final product.

There are several workshops on 25,000 square meters of the plant’s territory. For instance, 5 production lines operate in the concrete manufacturing workshop. It releases up to 100 well plates per day. This is sufficient for the construction of a 2-storey building. The share of local content raw materials and products is 70%. It is planned to increase this figure to 90%.


This is warm and effective panels and most importantly they are prefabricated. We put plastic frames here and paint in any color on request. The inner surface is ready for wall covering.

Demand for the product is growing. Since opening, the plant has produced about 10,000 square meters of building materials that have been used for the construction of seven high-rise buildings in the regional center. It is planned to build twelve 9-storey houses next year as part of the "Affordable Housing" program.