Unique Kazakh gymnastics becoming popular

Unique Kazakh gymnastics becoming popular

Recently, unique Kazakh gymnastics Aikuna is becoming especially popular among the natural healing methods. Comparing with the existing methods, this set of exercises aimed at the development of ligament-tendon unit. As the developer of methodologies Abay Baimagambetov stresses, using internal muscles it is possible to positively influence specific organs and systems, and the whole body as well. Each exercise is titled in honor of a certain kind of the Kazakh genealogical tree - shezhire.


The result is immediate. 15-20 minutes and the spine is already warmed up, the pelvis is released and people have a good posture. This is a peculiarity. In a short time we can train the patient to cope with serious problems. There are nothing unnecessary, no ideology, mysticism, no ideas, only physics.


Lumbar pain had gone. I have no more stomach problems. The main thing, I became hardier. Favorite exercise is holding the arc “Kerei”. But the most difficult one is “Kypchak 1” when it is necessary to approximate the scapulas.

A number of scientific studies have shown that after the regular classes of “Aikune”, people see a positive effect. Gymnastics is already approved in the Committee on Public Health in St. Petersburg, and now instructors of “Aikune” work in a number of St. Petersburg clinics. For several years, the Kazakh gymnastics is widely represented in Belarus, Germany, France and India. According to the developer, over time, a unique technique can become a real brand of Kazakhstan.