Kazakhstan’s enterprises becoming more export-oriented

Kazakhstan’s enterprises becoming more export-oriented

Temirtau exports more than 70% of steel. Modernization of the furnace at a metallurgical plant in the Karaganda region will increase the output by 15%. Last year, 4 million tons of steel were produced. The cost of the project totals more than 14 billion tenge. This is the second blast furnace in the world, where electronic equipment is used. It allows reducing the consumption of coke, thereby reducing iron production costs according to experts. Up to 2 million tons of steel will be produced per year, which is by 45% more than before the renovation.


After renovation everything is new including the furnace. All gutters: cast iron, concrete. This is good for us the furnace men.  We don’t serve the troughs. Before we did everything with hands.

The project launched in Stepnogorsk is aimed at exporting to the neighboring countries, and the full import substitution. Production of potassium salt started in the town as well. Previously, the main component for the production of herbicides was purchased abroad. According to experts, Kazakhstan’s products are similar in quality with European analogues, but have a competitive price. Two billion tenge were invested in the new project. A trial batch of 250,000 liters has been already produced, and the plant’s design capacity totals 20 million tons of liters.


We produce the potassium salt of glyphosate acid that had been produced neither in Kazakhstan, nor in the post-Soviet space previously. The raw materials such as glyphosate acid and potassium hydroxide solution are the know-how of production. It passes synthesis of a new compound, which is the main component of the glyphosate pesticides.

Kokshetau enterprise for the production of polypropylene goods also actively exports its products. The enterprise finished the year of 2016 with record-breaking results. The company is leading in the country for the production of polypropylene products - bags of different types and different capacity. Big bags of up to 3,000 kilograms are produced only here. Thanks to the state support, the enterprise managed to modernize production and achieve success, the plant’s management says. The project was realized within the regional industrialization map.


In 2016, nearly $4 million has been invested in the enterprise. We plan to increase the share of presence in the Russian market. The volume of deliveries to Kyrgyzstan was increased. We plan to enter the European market at the end of 2017. In a month we produce 10 million bags, 150,000 big bags and 4 million valve-box bags.

In 2013, the company produced only 15,000 big bags from own raw materials, but in 2016 - the volumes have increased 10 times. But the company intends to increase production capacity twice. It is planned to produce 300,000 big bags. In addition, the range of products is expected to be expanded - new equipment for the production of three-layer film has been already purchased.