Kazakhstan to assemble new car models

Kazakhstan to assemble new car models

Kazakhstan’s car industry is expanding its range of products. Mass production of four new LADA models will be established in the eastern Kazakhstan. These are the most popular cars in the CIS to date. According to the president of AvtoVAZ Nicolas Moore, the Kazakhstani plant meets all international standards. Therefore, it was decided to produce new types of cars in Ust-Kamenogorsk.


We are also thinking that it is possible to mark these cars below the existing ones. So the quality vice president of AVTOVAZ is a Japanese person coming from this area. I’m sure that these four new cars will be with Japanese quality. And we really want to modernize the image.

Assembly of buses, including for people with disabilities will be established in the southern Kazakhstan in Shymkent. The buses will meet all environmental and European standards while their cost is 30% cheaper in comparison with foreign analogues. Jointly with the German company, it is planned to produce up to 150 buses per year. In addition, the plant will provide the regional transport companies with spare parts. $1 million has been invested in the new company. The construction of the service center will also begin soon.


Buses will be low-cost, comfortable, and meet Euro 5 standards. There are models that run on both petrol and diesel. When our carriers will approve the model, we will start production. These buses are included in the social project.