British companies to present most advanced technologies at EXPO 2017

British companies to present most advanced technologies at EXPO 2017

About 20 leading British companies intend to participate in the Expo 2017. Britain has become the 45th country, which has confirmed its participation in the international exhibition in Astana. Large companies plan to focus the attention of the visitors of the UK section on innovative technologies and world-class researches aimed at solving energy problems. Education is also one of the main priorities. Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom have already established strong ties in this area. Through the Expo, the British want to attract a greater number of students.


But I think it is also important to use Expo presence to encourage other companies to look at those opportunities, not just in Kazakhstan, but in Russia as well, across the Eurasia union.

The United Kingdom already has the experience of holding the Expo. The first world’s fair 165 years ago was held in the Hyde Park in London. The founder of the event was Prince Albert, who was interested in the achievements of science. Such inventions as the prototype of a fax machine and a forecaster of storms had been presented at the exhibition. At that time they were really sensational. To attract visitors, the organizers of the event displayed the rich hunting trophies, and even the famous diamond Koh-i-Noor.


Museum represents what happened in the past. Now today we think what we will represent it in the future. And Expo gives an opportunity to build that link.

In 1851, the first exhibition was visited by nearly 6 million people, providing unprecedented revenues for the organizers. Kazakhstan also plans to obtain long-term profits in many respects. The British keep the details of the pavilion organization in secret. But it became known that they are going to construct a pavilion in the style of a Kazakh yurt.