Preschool group of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan opened in Kazakhstan

Preschool group of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan opened in Kazakhstan

A preschool group of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan opened at the “Karlygash” kindergarten in Aktau. 180 children will learn the culture and traditions of all people living in Kazakhstan. This is the second such institution in the region, where a child is taught mutual respect. Now, according to the program, children will learn songs and poems in different languages ahead of each holiday in Kazakhstan. Costumes are already sewn, open classes are held; the symbols and attributes of different ethnic groups are also being taught.

Also, there is a children’s Museum of the Assembly. There are not so many exhibits, but they are made with love and care. Now children from an early age know that Kazakhstan is a friendly country, where about 140 ethnic groups live in the common hospitable home.


The drama classes were introduced. We will organize folk tales, folk games, everything will be related to the Assembly. Children will learn facial expressions, gestures, will study akyns, the Kazakh heroes of fairy tales and not only Kazakh tales but also the others from the people living in our Kazakhstan.

The management of the kindergarten plans to expand preschool institution’s cooperation with the House of Friendship. Children will have tours, and participate with a creative program in the holidays of the regional ethno-cultural associations.