“Astana Musical” theatre presents new concert program

“Astana Musical” theatre presents new concert program

Artists of Astana’s youngest theater “Astana Musical” presented a completely new concert program. They prepared for residents and guests of the capital a parade of world famous musicals. The spectators immersed themselves together with the artists in the musical journey across the countries, where they performed masterpieces that have been delivered at different times.

The first country to represent was the native land of the musical - America, where artists performed the Cabaret and My Fair Lady. Then the potpourri took the spectators to Europe, where such hits as Cats, Mamma Mia, Notre Dame de Paris were performed. The artists also performed the musicals of the Soviet period from films of that time such as Juno and Avos, The Twelve Chairs, as well as the Kazakh song Toy Zhyry from the repertoire of DosMukasan group.


The residents of Kazakhstan, Astana, for the first time saw such a large-scale event, with lots of special effects, vocal songs, dance songs.

The new concert program was a real challenge for the soloists of Astana Musical. In addition to the complex musical repertoire and choreography, musical directors included acrobatics. However, according to the artists, they worked hard and managed to set goals. The secret is in a particular mood according to actors. Before each performance, they hold a special ritual “for good luck”.


We hold hands, and share energy with each other, and it gives us strength before going to the stage. It brings us luck.

The new performance, according to management, will diversify modern cultural life of Astana. In addition, currently, Astana Musical is working over creation of a unique repertoire, which is planned to be presented at the upcoming world fair Expo 2017.