Service center starts operating in EXPO town

Service center starts operating in EXPO town

The Unified service center for the Expo participants has been opened on the territory of the Expo-town. The representatives of the local government agencies, including the Interior Ministry, customs and tax agencies will work at the center. Foreign delegates and members of international organizations will be provided assistance with visa registration, and the services in the field of migration registration and   copyright. In addition, the exhibition participants will be able to use the services of a bank, an insurance company, a notary, as well as purchase tickets or send a letter.


We will provide services to the Expo participants 24 hours. Not all employees speak foreign languages, but we tackled this issue. Volunteers will work here and assist with interpretation.

An Accreditation Centre has also been presented. The center will ensure safety during the exhibition. People who wish to enter the exhibition’s territory and its facilities will have to register online and pass a special checkpoint organized by Kazakhstan’s law enforcement bodies. Presently, the center works in the test mode. The chiefs of national companies, builders and volunteers were the first to get accredited.


Accreditation cycle is divided into three stages. The first stage is between October 25 and April 30. This is a test period. From May 1 till September 10, 2017, there will be an operational period, during which the main work will be carried out. The period after the exhibition completion from September 11 till the end of 2017 involves disassembly. After the exhibition has finished, international participants will dismantle their installations and constructions. During this period, the accreditation center will also work in full mode.