Implementation of many large-scale projects in Kazakhstan is well underway

Implementation of many large-scale projects in Kazakhstan is well underway

Implementation of many large-scale projects in Kazakhstan is well underway. Most of them involve the development of infrastructure and the country’s transport and logistics potential. According to experts, these trends will have a significant impact on the economy, lead to trade growth, development of inter-economic relations and reduction of transportation costs. With this aim, in particular, a ferry complex is under construction in Kuryk port not far from Aktau. The complex will ensure cargo transportation to the Caspian region countries and further to Europe. The first containers have been already sent to Azerbaijan’s Baku. The complex capacity totals 4 million tons per year.


The result is seen already. Today, receiving of the ferry - it will be the starting point of the great event in the region. We still have until the end of December to carry out enormous amount of work.

Kazakhstan is developing its land transport corridors as well. The second 110 kilometer long railway connecting Almaty and Shu has been opened. Due to the commissioning of the line, the traffic capacity has significantly increased.


Before the project implementation, the freight traffic capacity totaled 17 train pairs based on the passenger traffic. After the project realization, the capacity for freight traffic has totaled more than 70 train pairs.

The country’s highways are in focus. This year, Kazakhstan commissioned almost 1,000 kilometers of roads. Traffic on Almaty-Kapshagay highway was launched. Reconstruction of one of the key areas of the corridor Center-South has been completed: Astana-Temirtau with a length of 171 kilometers will handle 28,000 vehicles per day. In addition, electricity plays a special role in logistics. KEGOC completed the construction of high voltage transmission line Ekibastuz – Shulbinskaya,  and Ust-Kamenogorsk hydro power plant ahead of schedule. This is the first stage of the large-scale project North - East - South. The project will result in reduction of the energy deficit in the south due to electricity since it will be delivered from the north. In addition, the eastern rivers’ hydro potential will be applied.