Housing construction for upcoming EXPO 2017 completed in Astana

Housing construction for upcoming EXPO 2017 completed in Astana

Construction of residences for the EXPO 2017 participants has finished in Astana. Applications from foreign tourists for rental apartments have already been received. This was announced by the chief of the national company “Astana “Expo 2017” Akhmetzhan Yessimov. All the construction facilities are under the stage of completion currently. Pavilions are being submitted to foreign representatives. Eight countries, including Germany, Hungary, China, Russia, Belarus, Singapore, Turkey and France have already started the design of their pavilions. Meanwhile, there is an ongoing preparation on the exposition site.


We are completing the largest part of the work. And we will switch to another area. Especially now we are working on filling the content of our main building – the sphere, the pavilion of Kazakhstan, thematic pavilions and the Best Practices Area. We have also completed the construction of housing for exhibition participants – which is 324 apartments, which have already been requested.

The exhibition’s main feature is the Best Practices Area, where 25 most interesting and promising projects from across the world in the field of green technologies will be presented. The special commission, which included the world-famous scientists, the Nobel Prize laureates selected the best projects. One of these projects involves the Italian production of environmentally friendly railway sleepers.


The kilometer Green Real sleepers are capable of producing up to 150 kilowatts of electricity per hour and the transit of 10-15 trains. For each kilometer of railway lines with such sleepers, 35 tons of old tires and 35 tons of urban waste plastics must be recycled.

The world specialized exhibition attracted 126 billion euros of sponsorship funds, as well as 211 billion tenge of state investment. In addition, at the fourth meeting with the Bureau of International Expositions, the recommendations were made to state bodies. Some of these advice included lowering prices for Moscow-Astana flight, creating an independent state agency for tourist development and simplification of rules for visiting the Baikonur cosmodrome.