“Poem - legend of dombra” performed in Brussels

“Poem - legend of dombra” performed in Brussels

“Poem –legend about dombra” by Kazakh composer Nagym Mendygaliev was performed in Brussels. Aida Akhmetova from Kazakhstan has performed it along with the music of Bach and Rachmaninoff at the prestigious César Franck international piano competition in Belgium. Members of the jury highlighted the Kazakh pianist’s brilliant talent and her remarkable performance. Akhmetova studies at the Vienna University of Arts. She pursues the wonderful tradition of the Kazakh music school by Kulyash Baiseitova. She has already performed at famous world stages, including the Carnegie Hall. She has soloed  at the Astana Opera as well.


The piece was written for our performance and we played it on two pianos, involving three choirs, the ensemble of violinists and cellists and an orchestra. It was a great experience for me to work with the orchestra, and at the same time to play on such a big stage as the Astana Opera. I’m very pleased that the Kazakh people can come here to demonstrate their skills, their musical talent, and receive acclaim.


We hold this competition for the fourth time. The contest is named after the eminent Belgian composer Cesar Franck. The competition supports the young people who represent their culture and music traditions. We have selected 50 finalists from 24 countries, and I am pleased to see here the representatives of not only Europe but China, Japan and Kazakhstan! Thanks to the Kazakh participant, I heard how beautifully the Kazakh music sounds!