New plants launched in Kazakhstan

New plants launched in Kazakhstan

Industrialization is the basis of Kazakhstan’s economic policy. In the past 7 years. Under the industrialization program, Kazakhstan spent 4 trillion tenge for construction of factories and plants, which have already generated 7.5 trillion tenge. The structure of the manufacturing industry has changed due to all the implemented work. Presently, new enterprises produce about 500 types of products that haven’t been previously produced in Kazakhstan.

The foundry that was opened in the South Kazakhstan Region will contribute to the development of the national economy. The plant’s production capacity totals 3,700 tons. The products will be manufactured on the European equipment. Unique products, such as impellers of pumps of high-temperature alloys will be produced at the plant. The foundry will cover the domestic market, and export products to foreign markets.


The first phase of production has been launched. This concerns the manufacturing of the melting complexes of 250-500 kilograms. Molding line for cold hardening mixtures has also been launched. Therefore, the business has bright prospects.

A house-building factory has been launched in Aktobe. The new plant is oriented on the production of floor slabs, wall panels, underground, and all building materials that are needed for construction of residential houses. Experts believe that production of building materials will significantly affect the reduction of the housing costs in the region. In addition, the rate of the buildings construction will increase twofold. The factory will fully provide the domestic market with building materials.


The house-building plant was built jointly with the Aktobe Special Economic Zone. Funds, land plot have been allocated by the government. The investment in the project amounted to more than 3 billion tenge. Today we have 80 employees. Our plant will reduce the cost of housing per square meter by about 15-20%.

The workshop for production of phosphoric acid has been put into commission in Taraz within the industrialization program. The total cost of the reconstruction amounted to about 9 billion tenge. The new plant with the production capacity of 220,000 tons of phosphoric acid per year will also produce up to 500,000 tons of mineral fertilizers. According to experts, the local agricultural productivity will increase by 15-20%.


The workshop was constructed in 2 years. We used the best equipment from the leading manufacturers. Innovative technical solutions were applied. This work is aimed to fully supply Kazakhstan’s agriculture complex with mineral fertilizers.

More than 900 projects have been put into operation across Kazakhstan during the implementation of the state accelerated industrial-innovative development program. These enterprises have provided more than 90,000 jobs. And within the second five-year plan, 63 enterprises were launched this year. In general, implementation of 400 projects worth 11 trillion tenge in mining and metallurgy industry, oil refining, the space sector, railway construction, energy and tourism is well underway.