Restaurant in Saint Petersburg offers traditional Kazakh dishes

Restaurant in Saint Petersburg offers traditional Kazakh dishes

Kuyrdak, sorpa, chak-chak and samsa – these are the traditional Kazakh dishes that are included in the menu of the restaurant in St. Petersburg. Chef Alexander Petrochenko has developed and offered to include a Kazakh menu in the restaurant, which is located in the 19th century-old mansion. He was born and raised in Almaty region, and his culinary experience is 25 years long. The chef admits that he studied cooking beshbarmak and kuyrdak from the elderly women of his native village.


The Kazakh cuisine is close to me, to my soul. Although I have traveled a lot in Europe, I was in Shymbulak, Medeo long ago, of course, I try to encourage myself, because the work takes all my time. But I feel homesick. I always remember that I grew up in a wonderful country.

The restaurant’s visitors are enthusiastic with the new menu and kuyrdak has become especially popular. The chief has his own secrets: he uses lamb delivered from Kazakhstan for his Kazakh dishes. The deep fried onion rings are a tribute to modern times. The restaurant owner, a well-known hotelier, says that there is a new trend in the Russian cities – the cuisine of the nearest neighboring countries is becoming especially popular. A special menu has been introduced to mark the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence.


The idea of a food festival is timed with the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. We asked the chef to cook a special menu, and we fell in love with the Kazakh cuisine. Now, I eat kuyrdak every day. We are even planning to include these meals permanently.