Kazakhstan to increase export of agricultural products

Kazakhstan to increase export of agricultural products

Foreign markets are showing more interest towards the Kazakhstani products. In the past 10 months, Kazakhstan exported 12,000 tons of meat, according to the director of the department on livestock production and processing of the Agriculture Ministry Yerkebulan Akhmetov. A growing interest of foreign investors in Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex has been seen in the industry.  


A number of new enterprises in the agricultural sector are expected to launch in the near future. For instance, a meat processing plant for processing of lamb with the capacity of 17,000 tons is planned to be opened in Karaganda region in cooperation with foreign partners. The famous French company is expecting investments in the opening of a dairy plant, worth 15 million euros. In addition, the work has begun to increase a number of cooperatives in order to increase the export of agricultural products.



As part of the implementation of the Law on agricultural cooperatives, 564 cooperatives, including 81 milk processing ones were established. Total capacity of the cooperatives allows producing 40,000 tons of milk per year. Investment projects are being realized with the participation of strategic investors.


Kazakhstan’s first and only one project for the production of marketable sturgeon and caviar launched in Uralsk. 80% of production is planned to be exported to the U.S. and Europe. Domestic company has invested in the construction and equipping of the aquaculture complex 5.5 billion tenge from own funds. Up to 30% of these funds will be returned to the enterprise within the investment cost-recovery program. It is planned to employ in the factory over 100 people, to increase the annual production capacity to 140 tons. The project is aimed at the establishment of the necessary climate in a closed water circulation, where fish matures twice as fast as in open water.  



We have the unique technology for production of caviar. There is three-stage water purification, and we'll get the eggs not in the traditional way. The traditional way means killing sturgeon. Eggs can be “massaged” out of fish to produce “no-kill caviar”.


Meanwhile, Aktobe regional poultry meat is planned to cover the demands of Kazakhstan as well as overseas markets. The new poultry farm was opened in Alga District. The investment project worth more than 1 billion tenge was implemented at the broiler poultry farm. The enterprise took advantage of government support measures and received a plot of land with a ready infrastructure. German technology has greatly simplified the process. The factory’s production capacity will increase now twice, and total 10,000 tons of meat per year. According to the company’s management, the demand for chicken meat is growing in the region and the new plant will help in the next years to fully cover the demands. In addition, an export contract is under agreement.



This year, we plan to increase production up to 5 million tons and more. Four poultry farms were reconstructed. Additional automotive equipment was acquired such as feed trailers, egg trailers. With the aim to increase incubation capacity for eggs production, equipment was purchased for the hatchery.