Young artists’ exhibition opens in Astana

Young artists’ exhibition opens in Astana

Cold and rough gemstones and metals sparkle with bright colors and acquire new forms in the hands of a good craftsman. The guests of two exhibitions by the young and talented artists Yerbol Zhetigenov and Assem Dossanova were able to witness this. The artisans presented their sculptures, wooden and metallic wares and handmade jewels. The artists say the jewels are made not from the sketch but visually by combining the parts with each other.



I like imperfection. I think that unusual shapes are unique, their otherness is the main distinctive feature, shortly, I think it is a cherry on the cake. I like that greenstone was used here. Frankly, I don’t remember where I bought it but I noticed it in the store straightaway.


The first personal exhibition of the young jewelers was named ‘Merge of the Muse.’ This perfectly reflects the main idea of the modern art – artists work jointly for the common purpose – creation of beauty.



We make jewels together. We brainstorm; prepare the sketches, the design very thoroughly.


The creative team’s art pieces are unique and original both in shape and content. They are special not only by their quality but also by their usefulness. All this makes jewelry highly demanded among art lovers.