Road show presentation of EXPO 2017 held in Latvia

Road show presentation of EXPO 2017 held in Latvia

The National Company "Astana EXPO-2017" organized a road show in Riga with the presentation of the exhibition for the leading Latvian tour operators. The Kazakh delegation presented the country as a new tourist destination for travelers from Eastern Europe. The global exposition will undoubtedly become the main event of 2017, welcoming thousands of people around the world. At the beginning of the year, the two countries signed a memorandum on cooperation to attract Latvian tourists to this forum.



This is a large scale exhibition. 111 countries and 17 international organizations have confirmed their participation so far. The theme itself is very interesting, there will be many cultural and entertainment events. This is what we offer to Latvian tour operators – discover, show and experience something fantastic.


Kazakhstan is an interesting tourist destination, local tour operators say. The upcoming exposition in Astana is a good opportunity to promote Kazakhstan among tourists. Special offers and itineraries will be created for this purpose. Moreover, Kazakhstan introduces 30 calendar days visa-free entry for Latvian citizens starting from next year. The only issue left is the direct flights.



I think the Expo is a chance to learn more about each other. We need direct flights or chartered flights, if necessary, ahead of and during the exposition.


The next presentation of the Expo and Kazakhstan’s tourism potential will be held in Latvia in February next year during Balttour exhibition. This largest exposition in the Baltic States will bring together the leading tour operators from the entire Northern Europe.