Kazakhstan regions marks 25th Independence anniversary

Kazakhstan regions marks 25th Independence anniversary

Zhasyl Yel labor squads planted 25 tree seedlings at the new city square in Uralsk. 18,000 young people have been involved in the work of the labor squads this year. They participated in the construction of Nurly Zhol projects along with gardening and landscaping works. The most proactive and hardworking participants were noted at a season closure ceremony. 



The delegates from all the regions came to participate in this event. There are squads that have worked the entire summer season. Today, we award the best squad leaders, heads of universities and colleges and employers in 11 nominations.


A dedicated research expedition "The Pole of Independence" was set to conquer Antarctica to mark the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence. On December 16, Kazakhstan’s national flag will be hoisted at the pole’s highest point - the peak of Vinson, at an altitude of almost 5000 meters above sea level. The team consists of not only athletes but also scientists, doctors who will conduct research in the field of ecology, biology, and the study of human physiology. The expedition to the South Pole is held under the auspices of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan. The participants have told about the national scale campaign in advance.   



Vinson Peak is included in one of the famous mountaineering programs “7 Summits + 2 Poles”. No Kazakhstani citizen has ever completed this program. Our society is planning to be the first to do that.


Akmola region is marking Kazakhstan’s Independence anniversary. Motor rally was organized in Kokshetau. It was attended by the patriotic clubs, active young people, among there are ones of the same age as Independence.



The purpose of the rally is to mark the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence, to strengthen the youth patriotism, to bring closer the friendly people of Kokshetau city.