Kazakhstan’s regions enhance export potential

Kazakhstan’s regions enhance export potential

Kazakhstan’s regions enhance export potential. For instance, Akmola region this year supplied almost 2 million tons of grain in 26 countries. Regional crops are especially valued for the quality: 60 percent of this year’s harvest is of the 3rd grade. This year, record 5.7 million tons of gross harvest were collected in the region, which constitute 25% of the country’s gross harvest. After shipping to customers, the remaining grain is stored in elevators and grain receiving stations. More than 31 billion tenge of non-performing assets were allocated from the republican budget to the development of region’s agro-industrial complex. This is more than by two times than last year.



Akmola regional grain reception station’s capacity totals 4.1 million tons. In addition, agricultural enterprises’ capacity is 1.9 million tons. Therefore, grain, grown and harvested this year is kept well. Drying was carried out timely. With this purpose, the Government allocated guaranteed diesel fuel in the amount of 28,000 tons.


Akmola regional sausage manufacturers intend to supply their production to Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and China. The finished products is planned to be sent next year in these countries. Local sausage is in demand due to its quality, taste and ingredients. Raw materials are completely domestic.



40% of ingredients are domestic. We have a feedlot for 3,000 heads. And we purchase products in farms across the country. About 100 employees work at the production.


In addition, meat processing plant delivers sausage products, semi-finished products and meat to Astana markets, several regions and cities of Russia. 3,000 tons of finished products are produced at the enterprise per month. And by the end of 2017, this figure will be increased to 5,000 tons. Meanwhile, at the poultry farm in the nearby Akmol village, this year it is planned to increase production up to 8,5 tons per year. Next year, the figure will increase twice.



We use only Kazakhstan’s crops of the farmers, who grow corn, sunflower, soy-beans, and peas.


The next year, products of the poultry farm are planned to be supplied in several regions of the country and cover 55% of the market. There are enough poultry farms in Russia, however, production of the Kazakhstani poultry farms are already exported there today. And since January, export volume to Omsk and Novosibirsk are planned to be increased.