Kazakhstan to establish single export center for agricultural goods

Kazakhstan to establish single export center for agricultural goods

An export center for agricultural products will be established in Kazakhstan. It will be based at the Food Corporation. Such services as trade financing and insurance of contracts will be provided for farmers and companies planning to enter foreign markets. Mainly, the center will focus on the export of organic products. With this aim it is planned to organize a system of certification of such products so that no problems emerge with their realization. Both premium-class and organic products will be supplied. There are about 30 organic food companies in Kazakhstan. Soon, beef, lamb, pork, legumes, oilseeds, fruit and vegetables will be exported to foreign markets. Presently, the Ministry of agriculture is carrying out a detailed analysis of export destinations.



In the primary analysis, we have selected priority countries to which we are planning to export agricultural and processed food products. There are primarily the EAEU markets, including Russia, also China, India, the countries of Central Asia and the Middle East. Kazakhstan has great potential for organic production and export of organic products, especially when we have a historically low level of chemicals application on our lands, and a large number of pastures, which currently are not involved in turnover.


Besides, Kazakhstan has already developed three export brands - Qazaq Organic Food, Halal and Meat Brand. The group of products ‘Made in KZ’ will be exported under these brands. Developers believe that the greatest number of products will go on the markets of China, Russia and Iran.



In the future, domestic enterprises will be able to go consolidated under these brands on foreign markets. With this aim, the state will create the necessary infrastructure and to coordinate an effective policy to promote these brands abroad. Selected umbrella brands are strategic, targeted at specific markets. I am confident that this project will provide an additional impetus for the general promotion of the export strategy.


In general, to date, Kazakhstan exports 970 types of food products to 118 countries. Out of 800 domestic exporters 20% have a stable export capacity exceeding $1 million.