Kazakhstan’s achievements presented in UK

Kazakhstan’s achievements presented in UK

The Royal Geographical Society in London hosted an exhibition dedicated to the Great Silk Road. The exhibition featured the countries, along which the legendary caravan route lies. The Royal Geographical Society is a scientific organization founded more than 180 years ago. Presently, it is the world center and the leader in the field of geological surveys.



They don’t know how these countries of Central Asia developed, and how they became modern and very developed in every aspect of it, not only that you have oil and gas, gold and things like that.


Magnus Bartlett is a known British publisher, who publishes book and geographic maps. He had visited Kazakhstan several times and was impressed by the country’s vast territory. According to Bartlett, he was pleased to print the map of Kazakhstan for different customers three times.



Kazakhstan is the same size as Europe. Many people don’t realize it.


This day, visitors learned more about Kazakhstan, including the international exhibition Expo, which will be held in Astana next year. A lot of people have come to see the legendary Silk Road. British people admit that they want to visit Kazakhstan that attracted them with its unique nature and geographical location.