Experts highly evaluate Kazakhstan’s preparation for EXPO 2017

Experts highly evaluate Kazakhstan’s preparation for EXPO 2017

Kazakhstan’s delegation presented a full report on the preparation for Expo 2017 at the General Assembly of the International Exhibitions Bureau in Paris. The organization’s Secretary General Vicente Loscertales was satisfied with the work accomplished by the Kazakh side. He noted that the Expo 2017 will be a successful and an interesting event. Online ticket sales for the exposition will be launched on December 10 and the Single Service Center for exhibitors and visitors will open on December 1. Importantly, 106 countries have already confirmed their participation and 103 of them have assigned their pavilion’s national commissioners. 



All preparation works for hosting the Expo are being carried out on schedule; the BIE has no claims to us. We want the participating countries to start designing their pavilion interiors as soon as possible. The first five countries France, Germany, Hungary, Turkey and China have already received their pavilions for further work. The participants can come six months earlier and start preparations. We have fully completed the construction of international participants’ pavilions. 1,374 apartments have been built for them. 72 countries have already fixed the dates of holding their countries’ national days as part of the exhibition.



The preparation between the BIE and Kazakhstan is not only good it’s excellent. Now we are working hand in hand and we are very satisfied in the way the construction work has been proceeding which way the Expo is becoming more and more impressive and beautiful and innovative. And we have close relation to the company under the chairman Yessimov. We work very well with the Kazakh authorities, that means we are very satisfied of our work. Also we have in the future in February the meeting of the participants in Astana.


A large-scale roadshows will take place in the European cities to present the expo next spring. In addition, the recruitment of volunteers is underway in Kazakhstan; a pool of 4,500 people has been already formed.



Nearly 110 countries will participate in our exhibition, 19 international organizations and another two have already submitted their applications and we are waiting for confirmation from them. They will not hold National days but conferences of their organizations and invite their partners for these events, and this also will be interesting and coincide with the expo theme ‘Future Energy’. Starting from January 1, we will unilaterally introduce a visa-free entry for the OECD and some EU countries and others.