Kazakhstan’s gas potential growing

Kazakhstan’s gas potential growing

About 4 million barrels of oil have been already produced at the largest oil field of Kazakhstan, Kashagan. According to the Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan, 75 thousand barrels are produced at the field every day. By the end of December, oil production is expected to increase more than twofold. Thus, according to the operator of the project, in three quarters 2016, domestic companies received nearly $526 million for provided goods and services.



We are planning in the shortest possible time to increase our production by next year. With this aim, all working programs have been developed. I think with a good scenario, we will be able to increase production to 370,000 barrels per day. To do this, we need to test the pumping gas. All the technical measures are underway. I think that in the middle of 2017, we will start gas injection process.


Meanwhile, Kazakhstan plans to increase gas transit. The most emphasis in this regard is put on the transnational gas pipeline "Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China." According to experts, the main gas pipeline will open up alternative marketing way for Asian gas. Thus, Kazakhstan will be able to export its oil to China and multiple transit directions, according to analysts, will provide a reasonable competitive price for natural gas.



Construction of the three transnational gas pipelines Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-China was completed which allows, taking into account the construction of the remaining four compressor stations, to increase gas transit from 30 to 55 billion cubic meters per year in 2017.


According to experts, major projects in the field of oil and gas will have a positive impact on the economy of Kazakhstan, largely, due to creation of new jobs, further advanced training of Kazakhstani specialists, as well as growth of local content in the oil and gas sector.