Kazakhstan’s regions attract investments

Kazakhstan’s regions attract investments

Regions of Kazakhstan increase its investment attractiveness, demonstrating a steady growth in production volumes and the rates of economic development. The third Zhanazhol gas processing plant, the fourth workshop of ferroalloy plant and rail and structural steel production were launched in Aktobe region in the first five years of the implementation of the Industrialization Map. These three enterprises have generated more than 2 billion tenge of investments to the region’s economy. In addition, more than 7,000 Aktobe residents were provided with jobs. Within the Entrepreneurship Support Map, 94 projects worth 812 billion tenge are being implemented in Aktobe region. More than 13,000 people are expected to receive jobs at the new production facilities. The new companies, including 40 large and small plants, will be located in a special industrial zone along the international highway ‘Western Europe-Western China’. In the near future, ceramic granite, tiles, packaging and products from polyethylene, and household chemicals will be produced in Aktobe.



In order to encourage import substitution and competitive industries, attracting foreign and domestic investments, industrial zone of 200 hectares was established. Five investment projects with the investment volume of 8 billion tenge are implemented there. This year, two facilities will be presented and put into commission.


This year, nearly 20 billion tenge of investments were attracted to the special economic zone ‘Seaport Aktau’. 31 projects were registered on its territory, 13 of them have already been put into operation. These are the companies of transport logistics, oilfield, petrochemical and construction industries. More than 1,000 local people were provided with jobs. By 2017, two more productions of building materials will be launched. Products worth nearly 235 billion tenge have been produced in the economic zone since the start of its operation in January 2003.  



All the funds invested by the state in infrastructure, creation of utilities, have returned. Even the tax deductions that were paid by our member-companies total 19 billion tenge, taking into account the applicable tax benefits. The total area of the SEZ is 2,000 hectares, 25% of the land has been transferred for use by investors, the rest is at the development stage.