Most beautiful Kazakh women to be featured in ethnic style calendar

Most beautiful Kazakh women to be featured in ethnic style calendar

The organizers of the main beauty pageant ‘Miss Kazakhstan’ are preparing an unusual surprise ahead of the 25th independence anniversary. They are publishing a special ethnic style calendar for the upcoming date. Every month of the calendar will feature the most socially active winners of ‘Miss Kazakhstan’ over the entire 20-years history of the contest. According to the organizers, the viewers will see the Kazakh beauties just as they look in real life: among family members, without a tiara and gowns.



Why is this happening namely on ‘Miss Kazakhstan’ platform? This is obvious! The beauty of our heritage, the beauty of the Kazakh crafts – they can sound in unison and attract so much attention with these winners.


The shooting will take place in traditional Kazakh ethnic settings, representing the unique cultural heritage of the country. The creators do not want to limit themselves to paper edition; they will also make an online version of the calendar. According to the main characters, they are happy to take part in the project and sincerely hope that their photographs will resonate in the hearts of the Kazakh people.



I agreed to take part in this project for my country because it marks the 25th independence anniversary and the contest ‘Miss Kazakhstan’ marks its 20th anniversary as well. I want our women to worthily represent our country so Kazakhstan thrived in all spheres.


The calendar is a sort of a summary of the 20 years of ‘Miss Kazakhstan’ beauty contest. The first beauty pageant was held in Almaty in 1997. According to the organizers, their contest is a hymn to the beauty of the Kazakh women. The participation in it gives the contestants an extraordinary experience.