9-year-old Kazakh boy wins gold at Memoriad 2016 in Las Vegas

9-year-old Kazakh boy wins gold at Memoriad 2016 in Las Vegas

9-year-old Kazakh boy won the gold medal in the international competition Memoriad Las Vegas 2016 that was held in the United States. This is a world championship in speed reading and mental arithmetic, which is held every four years. This year, in Las Vegas Madi Yerdaulet became the champion in the category of high-speed mental mathematics. Madi brilliantly defeated his rivals from 27 countries, gaining maximum points, thus ensuring the victory. Kazakhstan’s representatives for the first time took part in such competition, and the result exceeded all expectations.



I did not expect that I will become an absolute champion, but I am very glad I have. In four years, the next Olympics will be held in Dubai, and I plan to take part in it. All these four years, I will work hard to prepare to win again.


Madi won a ticket to the Olympics Memoriad Las-Vegas 2016, becoming an absolute champion in the second national championship in mega-mental arithmetics, which was held this year in Astana. The young boy started studying mental math and speed reading a year ago. According to his teachers, Madi is a very hardworking student, due to which he achieved such success.



Madi is capable to work hard. He can solve tasks 6 times a day which is very hard. Madi persistently solves the tasks at the training center, in school, at home after classes. Therefore he has such stunning results.


Madi scored 29,500 points on Memoriad Las-Vegas 2016, which is an absolute world record in his age category. In the near future, Madi plans in addition to mathematics, to do sports. As for his future career, the bright boy dreams of becoming an astronaut.